winnie the pooh around a table with friends

tldr; I quit my day job! <3


Simply I’m burntout. Burnout is an overloaded term in the software industry, often it’s taken to mean accumulated stress from working too much. That’s not what I’m talking about.

I’m burntout in the sense that what’s wrong isn’t my workload, but what I have had to work on, maintain and how that makes me feel about myself and what I create and put out into the world.

It wasn’t all bad – I learnt a lot of interesting things, I think – but it slowly eroded my soul to the point that I just feel a general sense of apathy towards making software.

Rent? Coffee? Bread?

That is something that scares me. This decision places me dangerously in default dead, for the first time in my adult life. Making money is hard.

What now?

I’ll be enjoying funemployment, pick up on the books I never had the time for, maybe write a compiler or database, who knows?

But.. I want to find work I can love again by doing things that don’t scale.