Pace Yourself

I’ve come to the rational conclusion it is near-impossible to get good enough at database development to be competitive and find employment in any market in the time I have left to find employment.

That said, learning databases has been… extremely fun, angst of being homeless aside. It’s a side-hobby that I have no way to do sustainably for the continued future. Insert struggling artist pun. I’m still really bad at it and don’t know nearly enough.

I’ve been (most recently) and will continue to look for work that’s within my current demonstratable skillset, making server side applications and scaling them. Before I do though, I’ve gotta scratch that itch. I’ve gotta build my own database. A real one that I can say maybe put this thing into production and I’m not too terribly embarassed by the code quality.

Tsunami intends to be a performant and ergonomic alternative key/value store with an intuitive dataframe api capable of querying larger than memory datasets. It can be embeddable with any BEAM compatible language

I think this is a worthwhile endeavour and I must see it through to to 0.1.